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Moving to the rhythm of life



Jomecia was born in Rotterdam. At the age of 2 she started dancing, watching icons like Michael Jackson on her tv screen. At the age of 10 she started her training at Lucia Marthas Institute for performing arts. She was trained in Ballet tap-dance and all the branches of jazz, from modern jazz to Broadway jazz and everything in between. Strongly attracted to hip hop music and dance she started taking classes and workshop outside of the academy at Jakes Dance Factory, Moves dancestudio and more. At this time she had done many internships as walking fashion shows for O’neil, Dancing for dutch tv-shows and theater productions.

In 2010 she graduated her bachelor as performing artist and immediately booked her first job in the big streetdance sensation BLAZE the show. She was privileged to perform as only dutch girl with the biggest names in the hip hop and streetdance world.

From there she traveled the world working as a commercial dancer. Examples are X-factor in Holland and the UK. PopIdol in Germany. She has toured with artists like Diana Ross, Eva Simons, Armin van Buuren and Lionel Richie. 

Currently Jomecia is working as a teacher, coach and choreographer for several schools and brands.

She's also working on a personal transition to theater. Where she wants to combine all the styles that she has learned and her Afro-Surinamese roots into one style.


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